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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Millionaire's son in court for setting Ferrari on fire

 Fire fighters trying to put out the fire engulfing the Ferrari

A millionaire's son landed himself in court after setting his Ferrari on fire so he could get the latest model as a replacement.

The charred remains of the Farrari  The charred remains of the Farrari

The 20-year-old paid three men to destroy his £150,000 Ferrari 458 so the insurance money would help cover the cost of a new £200,000 supercar.
The man appeared at a court in Augsburg, Germany, where a judge heard he receives a £6,500-a-month allowance from his dad and owns 14 other cars.

According to local media reports, the Swiss businessman's son parked the vehicle outside a massage parlour and went in for a massage as an alibi.
His three accomplices - aged between 20 and 30 then torched the car where it was parked .
Witnesses said they had seen men tampering with the car and a police investigation was launched.

Unfortunately, security cameras captured the whole incident and police eventually arrested the three men and the young Ferrari owner.
The wealthy 20-year-old posted bail to free himself from custody and has now been handed a 22-month probation period.

The judge sentenced him to 22 months probation and a £21,500 fine.

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