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Sunday, 2 August 2015

Photos: Funeral ceremony for the 5 family members killed by African Union troops in Somalia

Yesterday, August 1st, African Union troop (AMISOM) in the Somali town of Marka mistakenly attacked a wedding party killing 15 people, 5 of them members of the same family. The victims have been identified as 70- year-old Moalim iidey Heile and his four sons, Yusuf, Omar, Siid Ali and Hussain.

According to an eye witness, Haji Garane who was at the wedding, a contingent of Ugandan forces stormed the area shooting people indiscriminately. He alleged that the killing at the wedding party was in revenge to casualties incurred by AMISOM forces in the town after IED targeted one of their vehicles earlier in the day...

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