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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

#Ministerialscreening: Senate screens Kayode Fayemi, he denied buying N50m bed in govt house

The Senate just finished screening Kayode Fayemi. During his screening, the former governor answered quite a number of questions.

Reacting to claims that he left a heavy debt burden in his state while he was governor, Fayemi said he borrowed to offset debts owed by his predecessor, Segun Oni and also to develop infrastructures which he promised his people during his election. He said the debt figures being brandished around is false.

Reacting to a question that he spent unwarranted sums of money to build a government house during his tenure as governor, Fayemi said he met a 2 bedroom apartment government house and so decided to build a befitting government house. He said the government house was a multipurpose house. He denied claims of buying a N50 million bed in the Ekiti state. He said there is even no N1.5 million bed in the Ekiti government house he built. He dared anyone to bring forward an invoice showing that he paid N50 million for any bed in the government house. 

"I challenge anybody who claims that I bought a bed for N50 million to prove it. Anyone one who knows me personally knows that I am not given to frivolities. Not even a bed of N1.5 million is there. I left everything behind when I left. All I did was to build a befitting government house for the state.”

Answering questions on how he will handle the education crisis in Nigeria, Fayemi said we need to do more about Nigeria's teacher quality. He said much needs to be done to make public school education attractive. He also said we need to do more on our curriculum as well as enrollment of students particularly in the Northern states. He advocated for a better judicial system. He asked that people should be prosecuted for Boko Haram activities. He was asked to take a bow and go

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