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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

See The Twin Strangers That Look So Identical

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While growing up my grandma used to tell us we have a twin somewhere in the world as God created two unrelated identical persons, we will just nod and accept the gist.
But it has never been factual until I came across these photo of twin strangers who look so identical, it’s almost like seeing double.
Two ladies were shocked when they bumped into each other. Ciara Murphy and Cordelia Roberts were both studying in Germany and by sheer coincidence, the two were both studying in the city of Bremen when friends pointed out their remarkable resemblance.

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Murphy, from Ireland said

When I was going on nights out, people were starting to ask me did I come here with a sister, or a twin,”. “I didn’t know what they were talking about in the beginning, so I was just like ‘No I’m completely on my own out here.’But then after a while I realized they were talking about Cordelia.”

Roberts, from England, had an experience similar

“On one night out, people kept saying ‘Are you sisters?’ and that was when we decided to take a photo,”

The picture the pair snapped together went viral on Facebook, and Twin Strangers tracked them down for a chat.
Murphy’s friend Jessica said the pair now go everywhere together. 

“Around college, people call them ‘the twins,’They’re always together now, they’re like a package deal. They have this bond now, just because they look the same.

If I were in such situation, I will go back home and question my parents… The resemblance is too striking!

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