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Friday, 16 October 2015

“Who Are You Again?” Check Out Cynthia Morgan’s Ruthless Response To Caroline Danjuma

Singer, Cynthia Morgan, has hit out at hard atCaroline Danjuma after the film star and producer called her out earlier today.
Caroline had branded Cynthia’s Baby Mama promo picture where she poses with a baby and a cigar in her mouth as ‘absolutely wrong.’

The ‘German Juice’ crooner was ruthless in her response, accusing Caroline of lacking an understanding for art.
She finished off her reply by asking who Caroline was, as the only danjuma she knew was ”Daisy.”
Check out her posts after the cut:
I understand some of us dont like to take chill pills,even as harmless it might seem.we just hate medications(Fair enough)...But only if we could just take these chill pills with a glass of water or juice and take our time to reason deep...The world wud be a better place...but I still understand...we are different persons...And we think differently..And some of us don't like medications for one or two reasons...but chill pills isn't bitter 😢but then again you just don't like don't bring your sickness around me.because I am way I am shocked some actress is busy running her mouth.and here again.what kinda actress is that?that cannot decipher pure art?How can you use wizkhalifa's situation to analyze this picture 😂 but then again I still understand....but if it is to watch an American movie,where kids are sexually abused,Parents being drug addicts and being a bad parent and all?you are good with that?Are they passing a message or not? Yes the are...I know how many kids actresses like you have influenced in a bad way just because you were simply playing a role which is suppose to just pass a good message across...But the kids caught it Madam what exactly is your problem again about my picture?Num 1...That cigar isnt even Lited...Yes shout out to Ya'All who said it was weed 😂lol...Num 2:can you see any sort of fume making that cute baby uncomfortable?Let me help you"NO.This picture depicts a character of a girl named (Rita)who popped pills and used drugs even on the day of her delivery and afterwards...(careless,young and lost baby mama)While the other picture with the character name (Cynthia) depicts a loving mother and child and how a child should be treated."Num 3:i don't have your strength,Num 4:i so don't have your strength again...what an act of hypocrisy...the funny aspect about this ish is that.90 percent of all these people talking trash...Are smokers,or were once smokers...(I have nothing against smokers...they are fun people)some are high while even typing these 😂(don't get me wrong I love people getting high they so fun)..and I have fun watching them)just desame way am having fun reading all your backlash

All your yarns is all...Kruzzzz for me#i swear I love u guys.I Cynthia Ik Morgan in this picture...playing both characters as "Rita and "Cynthia"in these pictures.I don't Even Smoke Nor Drink In Real Life😂...So save your words for yourselves...ThAnkyou Miss Caroline.We all love kids and want no harm near don't love kids more than I do "Madam"but that Dosent change the world which these kids are in the hands of a bad baby mama(who isn't ready)FYI that is what this picture crucify a picture without settling down to even should be way smarter than that...why don't you go house to house to see young couples doing drugs right before their kids...I just reached out to the whole world with this one simple act of Art...Those who can connect with it "cool"if you can't???Go back to school...and my music "Baby Mama" is/will change lives of young people....which yA'al these celebrities is making it look cool to them,that being a baby mama/daddy is the new swag..And then again the only Danjuma I know is "Daisy"So remind me,who are you again?

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