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Monday, 21 November 2016

Fineboy Drama Crooner 'Papi' and His Girlfriend Of 9 Years 'Tevan Efidhere' Set To Tie The Knot | See Pre-Wedding Pics 


This may sound like a fairytale, but ama tell it anyway.
I met her on the 26th of july 2007 in Uniport, first thing i said to her was "Will you marry me"? She said yes and i am still yet to properly ask her out till this day.
I proposed first to her on her sick bed 26th July 2014, wasnt the right scenario but i had to do something to make our anniversary special and something to lift her spirit. Fast forward.....She misplaced her ring in July 2015 during her Nysc in Ogun state. she cried and i told her it was just a ring and hope she didnt lost the YES she told me.

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I was invited to a party in July 23rd 2016 by a friend in ogun state, on our way i struck my feet against a rock and the sole of my pam came off and i bent down to see how i can fix my pams and go back home, i saw a shinning coin, as a man who like shinning things, i dug it out and behold it was a the ring i proposed to my fiancee with! i thought i was dreaming, i wiped it clean and went straight for the initials to acertain it was truly it. DAMN IT WAS IT!!! Tevan & Bright 2016.

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Checkout his musical video for the song 'Fineboy Drama' HERE

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