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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Seminar! Seminar!! Seminar!!! Make So Much Money By Investing In TBC and ONE COIN

The difference between the rich and the poor is the information they are exposed to. As the year is coming to an end while the average Nigerian basic instinct is to save and enjoy Christmas, the successful ones are thinking of which investment to involve in to make them millionaires is 2017.
This investment is about a cryptocurrency that’s on a fast rise.
According to the popular saying, ‘The next set of millionaires won’t emerge from Oil and Gas but from those who invested in Cryptocurrency.This is a full presentation on TBC this coming Saturday check the above flyers for seminar details.

Bitcoin was released in January 2009 with the price of 1btc =$0.008.

From Jan 2009 – Jan 2010 there was no exchange or market for it, then bitcoin was yet to hit the market. According to Wikipedia, user ‘SmokeTooMuch’ auctioned 10,000 BTC for $50 no buyer was found.

Bitcoin hit the market (became tradable) in Feb 2010 for the price of $0.008 to one btc. And by April it 1bitcoin hit $1.

We have all heard the story of the Norwegian man (a student) who purchased $27 worth of bitcoin in 2009. With just $27 then he was able to purchase 5000btc, he forgot about his investment because it’s so little, until 2013 when bitcoin became widespread, his $27 has turned to $886,000.

Bitcoin grew from $0.008 in 2009 to $1250 in 2013 that’s over 15,625,000% in 4years. That’s the greatest return of investment every witnessed on earth.

Those who invested in it earlier are also called early miners, and they all made massive profit from it. The time to mine bitcoin is far gone and it’s not profitable anymore.

There’s a new coin people are investing in now, It started in March this year with the value of 1tbc = $0.001.

Now 1tbc = $249.14. Already it has increased with 3,112,500% since its IPO (Initial Public Offer) TBC is a cryptocurrency which currently grows at the rate of 1-5% daily until it reaches its ultimate value.

Note: TBC is yet to hit the market (similarly to bitcoin when it was released) it is widely expected to hit the market by March/April next year (A year from when it was released also like bitcoin)

If TBC really do hit the market next year this will be one of the greatest source of wealth. Most people did not invest in bitcoin because of lack of believe as it’s the first cryptocurrency, now people are pumping in millions to invest in TBC because it’s widely expected to be the next big thing. A coin that finally has the capacity to overtake bitcoin.

If all goes according to plan. Buying 1tbc now when it lunches next year could turn you to a millionaire.

It’s just like buying and stocking shares and waiting for its maturity date.

Lastly like all investment there is risk, no one will be held accountable for any loss of funds. Invest wisely.

For more information and how to purchase TBC or ONE COIN contact us via

call or whatsapp:

CHRIS    09096615747

Lastly endeavour not to purchase tbc from unverified seller so you won’t be sold TBcoins in place of TBC (The Billion Coin). Contact the numbers above or buy from TBC website no other means is advised.

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