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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Nollywood Actress Linda Adedjeji set to hit the industry with "MY SECRET" (See Photos)

 Meet the super talented Nollywood actress/producer LINDA ADEDEJI, see what she has to say about her carrier and herself below
Good day ma...Kindly tell us about yourself.
My name is princess Linda Adedeji am married to Prince Kehinde Aderemi, from Aramoko township of Ekiti State.Am an Actress and Movie producer

2- As an actress and producer, how do you manage your energy and creative resources to create balance?
Nah God ooo, He makes all things works together for my good , and I make better use of my time if am home trust me am busy writing stories.. I imbibe creativity in all my doings without losing right of positive inputs from even my fans.

3- Your movie IKA LOKUNRIN is really educative and entertaining, what inspired it?
Ika LOKUNRIN is based on realities of life, and most common trending story of domestic violence in which women mostly comes out as victims, I for one think d societal approach to it is one sided  cos no one ever talk about the cause or leadings to domestic violence. . I  met with some of the women (victims) and after our discuss I got to no that there is no smoke without fire.. what do you expect from a man that caught his wife cheating with another man right on his bed? I didn't say beating his wife is the best way to correct such act, but you need to let go of some certain things once you are married and learn to endure, if indeed you want your marriage to work.. I believe no man in his right senses will come home and start beating his wife for nothing, anyway that's what actually inspired me and brought about Ika Lokunrin and to God be the glory some women called me and prayed for me after watching the movie..

4- Do you have any movie project at hand now and kindly tell us more about it?
 Yeah My new film is "My Secret" (Asiri) it was shot in 2 major locations (London and Nigeria), I just concluded the Nigeria part recently

5- shot some scenes of the movie abroad and some in Nigeria, what's your source of funding the project? Was there any support from the government or private organizations
Nope no support from government or any organization its been God and My Pillar (My Hubby)

6- Still on the movie ma, could you please share with us your highest and lowest moments while shooting it?
Like seriously I can't recall any highest or lowest moment, you see when you work with the best expect the best results.. Nigeria part of the shooting was managed and Directed by Afeez Abiodun Owoh, and d London part was Managed and Directed by Richard Oluyinka (Richie Africana Show) it was fun filled all through. .

7- Looking at the fact that getting actors on set these days is a Herculean task, how were you able to gather this set of actors on your set without stress?
Like I said it was managed by professionals .. so it was stress free..
8- What should your fans expect to experience in your new movie and how soon do you plan to release it?
Always expect the best from me Linda Adedji check out all my productions from igbekun-Abo,  Oyinkansola, Seraye, Ojo -Ale, Emi Ni Ologo, Ika Lokunrin is all on youtube watch it and pass your comments to me on Instagram @lindaadedeji or Facebook princess Linda Adedeji ... my productions are always message driven, you will learn one or two lessons from it.. 'My Secret' is a very interesting, educative, intriguing and entertaining movie you will love to watch it over and over again trust me.. And its coming out this year by God's grace Marketed by Almoroof standard investment Ltd..

9- So far as an actress and producer, could you tell us the best actor, production manager and director you have ever worked with in a production.
Hmmm all the actors, Directors and production managers that I have worked with so far are very good I can't say one is the best, though some have really impressed me beyond expectation, like Afeez Owoh, Okiki Afolayan, Adesanya, Esther Kalejaye, Mercy Aigbe and I want to use this medium to say a very big  thank you to them for there love and support ..
10- A message for your teeming fans?
My lovely fans thanks so much for your love and support, thanks for been there for me always and please keep supporting me with your prayers.. May God bless you, I love you all..


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