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Saturday, 10 March 2018


The leader of NBM (NEO BLACK MOVEMENT), India zone, popularly known as Black Axe, named Fola has been a source of worry to all nigerians living in India. They have been notorious for robbery, rape and extortion in the country. Yesterday a member of the evil cult was hacked to death and narratives have started coming out about the victim of the attack and what led to his butcher in what looks like a gang war.

A commenter who wants his name withheld wrote: 

Recently an issue came up in India when the NBM leader named Fola wanted his member to be the leader of A.I.N.S.C.A and other organisations supported a legitimate and sincere man who can fight justice and belong to no organisation but to everyone. The stakeholders all went to the embassy to support the election of everyone’s candidate so the black axe got jealous and started insulting everyone and then we insulted them also. Few hours later we heard that they have badly injured a student who was not even in the embassy with us. Right now he is still at the hospital on death throes. We are hoping he gets well soon because he was badly injured. Not satisfied, members of Black Axe led by Fola waylaid another person stole his money and severely injured him but he managed to escape. It is obvious from the above stories that Hillary was hacked to death in a revenge attack for what Fola and his Black Axe cult group have been doing.

Another commenter named Robin had this to say: 

Yes i know because I am here in Delhi and i was present at the election of yesterday and saw when it all started, am a Sea Lord and proud to be, the Axemen(Black Axe) leader, Fola wanted to force in their member to be the head of AINSCA, we all refused and every other brotherhood in the country decided to bring up someone to vote unitedly in other to make sure an axe men don't get that position because of past experience and how they used it to oppress and force innocent jews to join their group.

They oppress girls beat and make them sleep with their members and when people run to AINSCA you get no help cause they are in control, they will also give you a fine and if you are girl they will want to sleep with you and do nothing about the issue afterwards.. if you are a correct guy they will coerce and try to convince you to join them.. yes i know of many cases like this, one of my friend ran back to 9ja after been forced to join Aye.

Below are pictures of the black axe members running amok and giving Nigerians sleepless nights in India including the picture of their leader, Fola and the late Hillary that was slain in the reprisal attack..


  1. mr no room for cultism bro, cultism is evil, this is murder case no room for explanation

  2. Stupid and useless with cheap blackmail..we all know be the highest peacemaker in guys are wizards just because Fola refused to allow you guys on your evil act and human trafficking are soiling his name..God punish u alk

  3. The truth is now unveiling itself...I said it earlier that this is a cheap blackmail. .The idiots that posted this is been arrested and finally we realized they posted this to cover up their crime as Fola won't allow then to go Scott free....The truth is blown...I empty the owner of this cheap blog to close it down and always verify before news are posted

  4. Mr. Fola is a mentor, it's just all about jealousy, they are no able to imagine how he is doing everything he does, Fola is an adult and a responsible father/husband, i have written the real story that transpired which took the innocent Hilary to an early grave. The leader of the killers has been apprehended and will be taking to the ambit of the law. many more will be arrested. The so call Maphite cult group will not be found in Delhi any more, else more than they imagine will die or go to jail


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