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Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Val Media/Pinnacle Entertainment Inc And Their Boss, Val Frakas Mo'Fire Amadi Host The City Of Orange, New Jersey Diaspora Commission 


The evening of Thursday, March 22, 2018 was lit as Val Media Inc/Pinnacle entertainment Inc and it's
boss, Val 'Frakas Mo'Fire' Amadi (@Frakasmofire) hosted the African commissioners of the city of
Orange, New Jersey, U.S.A Diaspora commission at Aso Rock Restaurant in East Orange, New Jersey,
U.S.A. It was a dinner and a sit-down conversation aimed at finding solutions to some of the problems
that face Africans in Africa and in the diaspora.
The Chairman of the Commission, Hon. Callistus Onyiuke shed some light into the past and future
activities of the Commission, including their plans to send some high school students from America to
Nigeria for summer school programs in an effort to improve understanding and relations between Africa
and the U.S.A. He also praised the Mayor of the City of Orange, NJ, Hon. Dwayne D. Warren who also is
a member of the Diaspora Commission for his amazing leadership in Orange and his efforts at improving
the livelihood of the residents of the diaspora communities. Another member of the commission, Engr.
Victor Ibeka, the MmiliEnweilo Na Ukpo also reiterated the Commission's commitment to improving
relations amongst the various diaspora communities resident in America and between the Diaspora and
their respective home base communities. Hon. Carl Onyiuke and Hon. Victor Ibeka also praised the
Chairman/C.E.O of Val Media/Pinnacle Entertainment inc, Hon Val 'Frakas Mo'Fire' Amadi who also
happens to be one of the Commissioners in the Diaspora Commission for having the insight to establish
and run “We4We Tv”, “We4We News”, “We-We Tv”, and “diaspora optics”, outfits which he believes
would serve the diaspora and homebase communities well.
[caption id="attachment_98261" align="alignnone" width="300"] OSAZ OSAYANDE (EKWUEME 1 OF BENIN KINGDOM), IGWE NKEM ONUMARAH, AMADI DARLINGTON C. AMADI, HON. VAL FRAKAS MOFIRE AMADI, CHIDERAA[/caption]Val Frakas went on to explain the concept behind the “We4we” outfits as that of a grassroots beginning,
belonging to and owned jointly by the people, 'by we the people 4 we the people'. He further stressed that
it is a unifying name as it goes deeper into the affairs of the people, about their lives and the improvement
of their livelihood. The Diaspora Optics alongside the We4We outfits seeks to maintain a steady platform
helping make the affairs of the people to matter more in governance and politics by helping to educate the
masses more on politics, polity, encouraging their increased participation in government and governance
and demanding more accountability from our elected officials. The diaspora optics would also help in
beaming the opinions of diaspora communities to the home base and making those opinions count more,
especially in governance. Opinions expressed by most diaspora residents, which in the past had existed
mostly only on the “WHATSAPP” platform and never counted much in the home base governance
affairs, would now be broadcasted and shared almost instantaneously around the home base. They also
have a reality TV Series called the “diaspora Chronicles” that seeks to profile the Who is Who characters
in our communities, profiling the different faces and phases of their lives in an effort to celebrate more of
our heroes and providing credible role models for the generations to come. These profiles would equally
be properly documented and backed up in history banks (databases) with futuristic attributes so
information on our heroes can always be accessed even 500 years later as we celebrate them.
[caption id="attachment_98262" align="alignnone" width="231"] MAYER, THE PRODUCTION CREW LEAD AND HON. VAL FRAKAS MOFIRE AMADI[/caption]Val Frakas, a music and film producer also runs a foundation, VAL AMADI FOUNDATION, that
engages more people to participate in community service related work, helping build and rebuild
orphanages and schools for children and young adults, helping to provide tutorials and trainings in the
Arts (Music and film production), providing community based basic medical care and providing trainings
to communities in a larger effort to reduce poverty and build a stronger, better community.

The event attracted some of the brightest minds in the diaspora. People like Sir Clem Eze, High Chief
titus Mmaagha Osuagwu, Igwe Nkem Onumarah (Igwe Odinma Anaedo), Uche Bonny Life-Ndu
(Akwukwo nso na Mbaise), Amadi Darlington C. Amadi, Benson Egbutu, Prince Anozie, Okey
Onyeagocha, Hon. Oliver Obiukwu, Dr. Kenneth Madueke, Aso Rocks's Darlington Nkuche, A.B Chiefo
Maduka Ibeabuchi, Multiny Yeeye, Obi Taiwan, Judge Jude Nkamah (1st indigenous African to be made a judge in New Jersey), Hon. Clems Okemezie, Cyril Caesar Anayo (a.k.a Mma 'sword' Ndi Igbo), Kevin
kevo Eleh, Tony Okpokparoro, Ifeanyi Dangamacin Emele, Michael Afam Gaga, Friday Val Abacha, Fr.
Nnaemeka Amobi, Steve O Da Don Emedom, Victor iSEE Bongo, D.J GoodNoiz Emeka Emele,
Innocent Osisioma Enwere, Godswill Etim Inimgba, Sir Blessed Sunny Ibe, Hon. Pius Ike, Osaz
Osayande, Zubby Obianwu, Ebere Nwandaa Akujuobi, Duke Dukakis Okafor, Dr. Andy T.G Onyema,
Ralph Ralphito, M.J Nwaeze, Chika Okoronkwo, Jonas Ezeah, Ifeanyi Oleka and Bona Oleka to name but
a few. The members of the “#demMustWaka, #TheyAllGottaGo” movement were also in attendance. The
movement was started by Val Frakas and they seek to inject sanity and sanctity in our political process by
demanding serious accountability and transparency from our politicians. The group believes that public
service should be about what it name suggests, serving the public and not a means of enrichment as most
of our politicians have turned it to today. They believe that any one running for a political office must first
clearly and verifiably declare their assets, accept a salary paid for the job that they seek and live within
their means as they serve. If you do not want to live within the confines of what your salary can afford,
then you are not fit for public service. They also hope to get a lot of public office seekers to commit to or
pledge to those basic demands.
Good luck to the val media family.

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