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Saturday, 14 July 2018

NEWS: Top 4 Contenders For Ankpa,Olamaboro, Omala Federal Constituency 2019

The federal constituency is made up of three local government areas, Ankpa, Olamaboro and Omala with Ankpa having the highest vote
As at the time of going to press there are twenty seven aspirants to this office with Olamaboro & Omala having the highest number of aspirants.
This top four is based on popularity, acceptability, resources and electoral strength considering the number of votes expected from the candidates catchment areas & political structure.

(1). HON. HASSAN OMALE who is presently in the green chamber tops the list of contenders for this hallowed office not because he is popular or has done well but considering the power of incumbency and the financial resources at his disposal.
The Ajobe born lawmaker is from Ojoku District of Ankpa LGA of Kogi State won on the platform of APC. Though alot of youths hold the opinion that he should not recontest as a younger more globally exposed and educated candidate is most preferred by the masses for now.

(2). HON. BABA OJONUGWA popularly called J.F.O is the second son of Hon. Vincent Baba,one time Chairman of Ankpa local government whose tenure is still regarded as the best till date.
J.F.O has independently carved a niche for himself internationally without riding on his father’s wings. He has been an activist for Igala national development over the years.
He is presently the National Vice President of the largest union of black musicians in the world, PMAN.
A courageous & focused leader with a global network, this young man is respected for his outspokenness, character, philanthropy , capacity & humility. His campaign slogal is THE POSITIVE DIFFERENCE.
His father’s political structure shall be tested in this aspiration & when added to his popularity as an Igala voice and entertainer Baba Ojonugwa is our second contender.

(3). Our third contender is HON.AUSTEEN ANIBE OTENE. He is from Imane in Olamaboro loyal government area . This ICT expert based in the oil rich state of Rivers (Porthercourt) is a philanthropist and a politician with a team of young volunteers. He has distinguished himself by making an indelible mark in hearts of youth since the beginning of his campaign in 2017. He has a brand ” Team Otene”. His acceptability is among the young as he is still not very popular amongst the elders & politicians across the federal constituency.

(4). HON. ABDULLAHI IBRAHIM HALIMS is our fourth contender & is speculated to be the ordained candidate of the present administration. He is not new in Ankpa politics.
He contested and won a seat for state Assembly to represent Ankpa I constituency.
He is speculated to have won the House of Representatives in 2011 on the platform of ANPP but was rigged out in favour of the PDP candidate Muhammed Ibrahim Idris.
He contested in 2015 on the platform of PDP and was defeated at the poll by APC candidate Hon. Hassan Omale. He is regarded as a businessman politician & his romance with the present GYB government is regarded by many as his greatest undoing as Kogi east is set to vote massively against anyone sponsored by the present administration . Recently his popularity & acceptability has reduced drastically.

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