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Sunday, 20 January 2019

Exclusive: Toyin Ogunbambi believes Lagos can be better managed

The Lagos gubernatorial candidate of People's Trust, TOYIN OGUNBAMBI believes "Lagos can be better managed." A statement she made during an award ceremony of excellence in leadership, organized by the African Institute For Leadership Excellence, held at Sheraton Hotels Lagos. 

Madam Ogunbambi who is an astute legal practitioner for well over three decades was awarded Legal practitioner of the year 2018. An award we heard was keenly contested for by other legal practitioners.

While appreciating the organizers of the event, the gubernatorial flag bearer of People's Trust said "excellence should be the benchmark for all a sundry. And that Africa is long due to be led by men and women of high standards. People who are well prepared to provide excellence in leadership to Africans." 

In her statement, she registered displeasure with regards to the mentality of African leaders, and with reference to the current state of affairs in Lagos.

According to her, with the estimated population of 17.5million people, Lagos can be better managed, such that Lagosians who live or do business in Lagos directly enjoys the dividends of good governance. She alluded to a fact that the incumbent governor of the state had made some efforts to transform the commercial hub of Africa, but that she believes Lagosians deserves more.

Madam Ogunbambi when asked of her preparedness,  said she has stepped out fully to become the first female governor of Lagos state. And that in the coming days, her campaign train will be moving from one local government area to the other to gather support from the good people of Lagos.

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